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PHP LinkMix Manual

LinkMix is simple to use, however, you need to understand a couple of things before using it.

LinkMix does not use a database, it stores all the links in a text file. The reason why I choose not to use a database, such as MySQL was because I know there are many people who don’t have access to a database or know how to set one up. For the purpose of a link archive, text files will work just as well.

So, what can happen with text based databases? Worst thing is that you can get corrupt text files (real databases can also get corrupted!) . Therefore, take regular backups of these text files /linkDB/links.txt and /linkDB/cats.txt. Store them on your local computer and if something should happen to them you can simply upload the files to the linkDB directory to restore LinkMix. Easy!

Ok, so how do you use PHP LinkMix? Well, the functionality is simple, just log in to the admin page, example: www.yourwebsite.com/linkadmin

You will see “Add Category”, this is where you enter the information for a link category you want to create. The category will show up in the menu on the LinkMix page.

You will see “Choose Category” where you can choose an already created link category. By choosing a category you will be presented with the links in this category, this is where you edit the links and approve them.

Special functions

Validate links: Check all links in a category so they are not broken. This will tell you what links do not work. Always make sure by clicking on the link afterwards that it’s not working. Depending on your settings the broken link will disappear on you links page.

If you have set $doNotShowBroken = 1 (in config.php), you will always have to validate new links before they will show up on your links page. Then you don’t need to have the $showApprovedLinksOnly set to 1, new links will not show unless you have checked if they are working.

Edit: Click to edit a link

Check Link: Will check just that link if it is broken

Approve: Will approve only one link

Approve all: Will approve all links that are not approved

Disapprove: Change status on link to not approved

Delete: Removes the link permanently

Delete Category: Deletes link category and all links in this category

Download backup: Will let you download the text files that holds the links, categories and countries.

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Screenshot of admin page

PHP LinkMix Admin

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